Choosing Fair Trade

Choosing Fair Trade products whether to buy beverages, foods or craft products is an excellent way of making wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers involved in business consider the maker or grower not as a cost of production but as a resource. Even big organisations such as Tesco now take this seriously, which ultimately is the result of our demand for Fair Trade produce. However, sadly this approach does not apply to all the products that we buy. As individuals what can we do?
Even as a small shop we were surprised how by getting involved with similar small organisations we could help create some big changes in our home city of Chester. This "Think Globally Act Locally" principle led to raising the profile of Fair Trade by encouraging others especially large organisations to adopt fair trade principles e.g. our city council, retailers offering fair trade products, teachers bringing stories and issues into the classroom, employees ensuring fair trade teas and coffees are available in the workplace and so on. Whether you simply choose to buy fair trade or become active in some small way you can make a big difference.