Our Suppliers

Our suppliers have worked in their field for many years. As an absolute minimum they ensure fair trade and working practises for their maker groups. In fact most of our overseas suppliers go much further often working closely with the community or group to assist in product development, providing a long-term commitment to purchasing, but also helping to fund local projects whether in education, healthcare or other requirements. This ultimately creates a relationship of trust rather than exploitation and also gives products, which you can enjoy and be proud of owning or giving as a gift.

We support and promote the work of And Albert Foundation Trading Roots who have pioneered trade in some of the most difficult and dispossessed parts of Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand but especially Ghana and Burkina Faso in Africa. All these companies have the following in common. They either work with family groups, family run businesses, community projects or directly with local villages. All aim to trade constructively and directly with producers. They cut out the "middleman" ensuring the majority of what they sell comes from the primary producers. This requires a heavy commitment in terms of regular visits and communication. Goods are designed in partnership with the craftspeople in each country and the artisans whether men and women are paid at the same rate and no child labour is involved. By paying up front and providing regular orders the artisans have both continuity and security of employment. Environmentally friendly practices and products are used where possible including recycling to minimise environmental damage.